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Procedure to Open eIA and Set OTP Password

To open your eIA, you first need to select an Approved Person (AP), of your convenience. Use our search engine in contact details to find a AP who is located closest to your home or place of work.
Once you make your selection, you will be taken to an informative page of your chosen AP. If you are satisfied with what you read, you can download the eIA opening form & submit the same along with the KYC documents to the respective AP chosen by you.

Simple steps to generate your electronic Insurance Account (eIA) Password 

1. Click on link
2. Please enter your 13 digit eIA number as your Login Id
3. Please enter your personal details :
- Registered mobile number OR Registered email id (any one)
- PAN number  OR UID (Aadhaar) number (any one)
4. Enter the text verification shown in the box.
5. Click on the ‘Submit’ button.
6. You will get two One-time passwords (OTP) :
- One on your registered mobile number and
- The other on your registered email id
7. You need to enter BOTH the one-time passwords to create your new electronic Insurance Account (eIA) login password
8. Please enter your SMS one-time password received on your mobile phone
9. Please enter your Email one-time password received on your email id
10. Please enter the text verification shown in the box
11. Click on the ‘Submit’ button
12. Now you will be able to set your own password
13. Create your password, taking care to follow the rules specified in the “Password Policy”