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Preserving physical copies of our important documents is always a difficult task. They are prone to damage by weather elements, natural calamities and even accidents. We, at CDSL IR, have come up with a solution to this problem. We provide an electronic-Insurance Account, which helps policyholders to keep insurance policies in electronic form and to undertake changes, modifications and revisions in the insurance policy with speed and accuracy in order to bring about efficiency, transparency and cost reduction in the issuance and maintenance of insurance policies.

Services to Policy Holders:

Open electronic –Insurance Account

Policyholders intending to open an eIA may approach any such Approved Person (AP), fill up the Account opening form and submit it with the required KYC documents such as Proof of Identity, Proof of Address, Photograph, Proof of Date of Birth etc. When the details of the policy holder are updated in the CDSL IR system, a unique account number (eIA) is generated & informed to the eIA holder.

Converting of existing Insurance Policies into electronic form

CDSL IR provides demat services for conversion of existing physical policies into electronic form. Policy holders need to just follow the below mentioned steps for conversion of the policy. Steps:-

  •  Fill the Request form for conversion of physical policies into electronic form
  •  The policy will be credited by the Insurance Company
  •  Confirmation will be sent via SMS / email

Policy Servicing

In case eIA holder desires to have any changes done in the e-policy, a request can be provided to CDSL IR & it will be forwarded to the concerned Insurance Companies through CDSL IR. However, the rights with respect to confirming the proposed changes to the policy would vets with the concerned Insurance Company.

eIA Servicing